Listen to Dr. Petty's comments about Peyton Manning's injury on the Blaine Bishop midday radio show (104.5 WGFX-FM The Zone) September 9, 2011
What people should do after spine surgery
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Parents whose children want to play contact sports should hear
Dr. Petty's comments about playing at an early age.

Dr. Petty's Guest Appearance on Medical Mondays, Channel 5 TV
Shoulder Injuries and Treatments
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Dr. Petty's Guest Appearances on Titans Tuesday, Chanel 5 TV

Episode 1: Dr. Petty explains knee injuries in a manner
understandable by everyone.
A Must See.

Episode 2. Causes and treatment of common football injuries that are
also common to those of us who are not athletes.
Watch the video.

Newspaper Articles

Elbow Surgery
Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair

New York Times, Fit Young Pitchers See Elbow Repair as Cure All. Dr. Petty was interviewed for this article about how young pitchers are wearing out their arms at younger and younger ages, and how some youths (and their parents) believe that elbow surgery, even on a healthy elbow, could make them a better pitcher. Read the article.

Shoulder Surgery
Rotator Cuff Repair

The Nashville Tennessean, New Rotator Cuff Procedure Reduces Fear Factor. This article is about a new procedure for shoulder rotator cuff repair called 'arthroscopic double-row repair developed by Dr. Petty. The arthroscopic approach, using four tiny holes rather than as much as a 5 inch incision, dramatically reduces post surgery pain. Using two rows of anchors rather than a single row of sutures increases the amount of tendon reattached to the bone and Dr. Petty's studies suggest the double row of anchors is about three times stronger.
Read the article.