Athlete/Patient Experiences

Complete Hamstring Tear with Partial Muscle Death - Surgical Repair Two Years After the Incident
Jill Plunkett, of Amory, Mississippi, went out to play soccer with her 12 year old son and incurred an injury that is normally devastating if not treated promptly. The true nature of her injury was not diagnosed for more than a year and a half, at which time she was told there was nothing to do. By the time she found Dr. Petty and came to see him, part of her hamstring muscle had died, she was having difficulty walking and was in extreme pain. Learn more of Jill's story. (video)
Glenoid Bone Grafting for Complex Shoulder Instability
These patients experience frequent shoulder dislocations, sometimes daily, or every night when they go to sleep. They are very limited in what they can do physically. Most surgeons consider the condition unfixable.
Rotator Cuff Tear
Labral Tear
Total Joint Replacement
Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL)
Osteochondritis dessicans of the capatellum